Sample Lesson

    LESSON 41:  Rhoda

        Scripture:  Acts 12:11-17

Suggested Key Verse:  Acts 12:15a  "You are crazy!" everyone told her.  But she kept saying it was Peter.

    Suggested Key People:  Rhoda, Peter, followers of Jesus.

What does this story tell the youth of today?  Rhoda is mentioned only once in the bible.  Was this servant girl, Rhoda, one of Jesus’ followers?  Was she praying with the disciples?  The followers were praying but they did not accept the answers to their prayers.  Rhoda did and carried them the joyful message.  God answers prayer: prayers work miracles.  Is this particularly true when given the faith of a child?  We should always affirm our beliefs even when others tell us we are crazy.  Listen for the spirit’s voice when in times of stress.  Don’t leave the spirit standing outside your life at any time.  Learn from Rhoda and share the news of what God can do, remaining confident in what you know is true.

Lesson Summary:

Acts 12:11-12  Peter has just been released (escaped?) from prison miraculously, certain that the Lord had sent an angel to his rescue.  He then and goes to a house where many of Jesus’ followers had come together and were praying.
Acts 12:13-14  Peter knocks on the gate and Rhoda comes to answer.  She recognizes Peter’s voice and is too excited to open the gate.  She runs inside to say it is Peter.
Acts 12:15-16  Everyone tells Rhoda she is crazy.  But she keeps saying it is Peter.  They finally open the gate and are amazed.
Acts 12:17  Peter motions to them to keep quiet.  Peter then tells the followers how Jesus led him out of jail and asks them to tell the others.  Peter then leaves.

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